The BENS Numbered Jingles Series
BENS was one of the original jingle production companies creating commercial and radio IDs for stations around the world. The BENS company dates back to the early 1950s.

After failing as a Merseybeat tribute band (the group was way ahead of its time) Ben Baxter founded BENS - which stands for 'BEN (Baxter's Production Advertising Merchandising) Service' (sounds rubbish now, but made sense at the time).

Other BENS staffers included Fuel Fox who was a writer and arranger for BENS in the 1960s and later famous for a jazz hit "Flaked Out with Crunchy Whiskers" and Stella Fart whose windy vocals were heard on many BENS packages over the decades.

There were many custom packages produced and a total of 49 numbered series were made. Covers were designed for many of the demo boxes sent out to radio stations
This site is in no way related to PAMS of Dallas and their Numbered Series list. Certainly not!
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