On this site you can hear (and in some cases watch!) some of the best Jingles, TV Idents, TV Themes from the vast collection that I have built up over the last 44 Years. Also view my Jingle Lists and find links to some of the best Jingle-related sites on the Internet. April 2021 Boom Radio is an independent, commercial, Radio station in the United Kingdom. The station is aimed at baby boomers, The generation of people born between 1946 and 1964, and is the first radio station in the UK to specifically target this age demographic Listen to a montage of their Jingle Package produced by TM Studios in Dallas HERE
November 2020
Welcome to my brand new re-vamped Web Site for the 2020’s…
November 2020
The Pete Wilson Jingle Mix 2005 Over an Hour of Great Jingles from my Collection (Click Logo on left)
June 2020
Is there a Cassette on my Cassette List that you would like BUT you haven't got a Cassette Player? I can now convert Cassettes to WAV format and upload to Dropbox £15 per cassette (Please allow a few days for transfer)
February 2015
Several new and updated Personalised Jingles for other Jingle Collectors and Radio Presenters
October 2014
A selection of non-custom sung Answer Machine Message (Click Logo on left)
May 2014
Follow me on Facebook and check out my 'items for sale' on ebay. (Click either Logo on left)
January 2014
To celebrate 12 years of my Jingle Site... Here is the Pete Wilson Anthem with Pictures!! With special thanks to Ron Seeth;- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEt5rAh-9IY
January 2013
I am now selling my complete Jingle Cassette Collection. All Cassette's are £10 each (Plus P&P) The list can be viewed here
January 2013
I am now selling my complete Jingle Cassette Collection. All CD's are £10 each (Plus P&P) The list can be viewed here
July 2008
My Blue Box Project is now complete. To see the finished article click here
May 2007
Pete Wilson - Celebrating 30 Years of Jingle Collecting Listen to the Pete Wilson Anthem
August 2006
BENS - The Forgotten Jingle Giant Back in the 1950's a Great Jingle Company was born, Sadly now long forgotten. But take a look at some of the great Jingle Demos they produced between 1956-1977 (Click Logo on left)
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